The App

IES, an international education provider in Brisbane has developed the Study Australia app as part of the Cultural Competence Program ‘family’ together with SBS and Multicultural NSW. Enterprise licenses for the app are now available to Australian education providers and education clusters.

Because the Study Australia app is a pre-built system, all client design, production, project management, hosting and maintenance fees are all included in the annual enterprise license price

The opportunity

Institutions and clusters have two license options:

Option 1:

Your cluster or institution has its own branded app deployed to app stores, available for free download by students. You are at liberty to write module content changes during the course of your annual license in order to maintain fresh and relevant content. Push notifications to students are enabled under this annual license.

Option 2:

Your cluster or institution has branded content published within the existing Study Australia app which is now available for free download by students. The app shell currently contains generic information about Australia and ‘soft content’ that encourages students to want more. Annual licenses are available to education clusters and education institutions in Australia In-app notifications are enabled with this license option.

Regardless of which option you choose, institutions and clusters can provide the application to enrolled students who have not yet departed for Australia. Pre-departure services are considered to be critical in a competitive marketplace where institutions and jurisdictions seek to secure and finalise student enrolments offshore. Students would also be offered the application upon arrival at the institution, during orientation periods and throughout their stay in Australia.

Institutions and clusters will have an ongoing opportunity to provide further updated information on the app, enabling a secure ongoing academic / student inclusion services communication platform.

The product

Education institutions and clusters which purchase an enterprise license will provide instructions on how to download the application along with log-in details to their students. The log-in used by each student will determine the information that will then be drawn into the application from our server. The app will then be branded as your app subject to your chosen license option.

New feature: Broadcast function

IES has developed a new broadcast function that is available to licensed clients. This function enables your app administrators to establish purpose built communications channels with selected groups of app users (eg news, event reminders, new videos, competitions to each campus, specific campus/class lists). This functionality has been deployed during orientation week for more than 900 students of the University of Queensland Foundation Year in early 2016.

The broadcast function allows institutions to deliver in-app or push notifications to their students depending on their needs and license entitlements.

*Both Option 1 and Option 2 will benefit from this new broadcaster messaging service built into the app.

Option 1 will have push notifications enabled. Push notifications allow an institution or cluster to deliver messages to the home screen of a student’s device irrespective of whether the app itself is open. (Subject to reasonable daily limits of unique (device IP) usage.)

Option 2 will support in-app messaging only. In-app notifications will be visible to students each time they open the app. Licensed clients to supply IES with CSV files of student messaging groups (student ID data) to enable student account database to be developed and broadcast channels established.






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